If you want to listen to Fire Department action in Los Angeles, here are the frequencies of a few of the local agencies. All of the fire agencies in Los Angeles County use conventional analog radios, any of the scanners on the market should be able to receive the transmissions. In the other surrounding counties, Kern,{to the North of LA County} Riverside{to the Southeast of LA County} & Ventura{to the Northwest of LA County} use conventional analog radios. Both Orange county {to the South of LA county.} and San Bernardino county {to the East of LA county.} use Motorola trunking radios as well as San Diego county further to the South.


LA City Fire Department uses 800Mhz band.
LA County Fire Department uses both uhf and vhf bands.
Verdugo Fire Communications uses both uhf and vhf bands.

Kern County Fire uses the uhf band.
Riverside County Fire uses the vhf band.
Ventura County Fire uses the vhf band.